National Steering Committee (NSC):

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) will constitute a 16 member National Steering Committee (NSC), composed as below:
Secretary of the Department of Higher Education in the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, as the Chairperson, 
Secretary, Planning Commission or nominee, 
Secretary, Department of Science & Technology or nominee,
Financial Advisor to MHRD,
Chairperson of the AICTE or the NBA,
Four Chairpersons of State Steering Committees (SSCs), nominated by the NSC Chairperson, in annual rotation,
Three members nominated by MHRD, who must be persons with recognized expertise and interest in Higher Technical Education, in annual rotation,
One representative from the CIHEC.
Two Industry representatives, nominated one each by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), and
The National Project Director (NPD) in the MHRD, as the Member‐Secretary.
The NSC will meet bi‐annually or as often as required. It will be assisted in its functioning by the National Project Directorate. The operational costs of the NSC will be financed by the Project through the NPlU’s budget.
The NSC, besides providing guidance and directions for maximizing gains from the Project, will:
Review and validate recommendations of the National Evaluation Committees (NECs) for selection of States and UTs and their sponsored Engineering Education Institutions and of the Centrally Funded Institutions (CFIs) for participation in the Project and decide their respective fund allocations under the two components: (i) Improving Quality of Education in Selected Institutions, and (ii) Improving System Management. It will ensure fairness and transparency in the selection process for Institutions.
Recommend corrective actions with regard to the non‐performing States, UTs and Institutions including CFIs.
Allocate funds to the NPIU and the SPFUs.
Review findings from policy reform, thematic and evaluation studies.
The Minutes of all NSC meetings will, for ensuring transparency in selections and other decisions, be regularly published on the NPIU’s website.

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