Seed money granted for R&D Projects

Govt Engineering College Idukki​

Ms. Meera Khalid - EEE - Soft Switching Buck Converter for battery charger -Rs. 15100

  1. Ms. Meera Khalid - EEE -Intergrated Buck-flyback non isolatd PFC converter with high power factor -Rs.40000​
  2. Shri. P G Kunjumon - EEE -Dual Voltage supply converter for high speed doubly salient reluctance motors-Rs. 45000
  3. Shri. P G Kunjumon - EEE -3 level buck convertor with improved dynamic performance-Rs.77100
  4. Shri. Anil Kumar V M - EEE -A direct AC-DC convertor for low voltage energy harvesitng-Rs.18480
  5. Shri. Anil Kumar V M​- EEE -Solar powered load reasonant convertor for LED brightness controller -Rs.34070
  6. Frieda mohan - EEE- Bridgeless buck PFC-rectifier fed DC drive -Rs.10846
  7. Frieda mohan​- EEE- Design & implementaion of modified ZVT-ZCT-PWM Boost convertr for brightness control of LED lamp -Rs.19700
  8. Sunil kumar P R - EEE- Single stage single switch power factor correction regulator -Rs.41100
  9. Sunil kumar P R - EEE- Speed estimatiuo​n of induction motro using kalman filter  -Rs.147500
  10. Sunil kumar P R​ - EEE-DC-DC convertor with wide wide voltage conversion range  -Rs.21500​​
  11. Shri. Jaijith M B - EEE-A1-KW Step-up/step up down switched capacitor AC-DC convertor  -Rs.27600
  12. Shri. Jaijith M B​ - EEE-Lab View based implementsion of variable voltage variablefrequency controller for a 3  phase induction  motor  -Rs.48120
  13. Ann mary Joshua​ - EEE-LFast acting regenerative DC electronic load ona SEPIC convertor  -Rs.28000 
  14. Ann mary Joshua - EEE-A casecaded high stepup DC-DC convertor for micro source applications   -Rs.85000 
  15. Lal priya P S - EEE-A sliding-mode contoller with multiresonant sliding surface for single phase grid connected VSI with an LCL filter   -Rs.79000​ 
  16. Lal priya P S ​ - EEE-Analytics, design and experimental varification of a synchronous refernce frame voltage control for single phase inverters  -Rs.79000​​ 
  17. Raji S Krishna  - EEE-Multi-input invertor for grid connected hybdid pv/wind power system​  -Rs.82500​​ 

School of Engineering Cochin University of Science and Technology​

  1. ​Smt. Binsu C. Kovoor - Information Technology - Enhancement of security using multimodal biometric solutions - Rs.50000​
  2. Smt. Latha R. Nair - Computer Science - Design and development of a prototype morphological analyser for Malayalam language - Rs.50000​
  3. Dr. K.K. Saju - Mechanical Engineering - Design and manufacture of an indigenous peristaltic pump for assisting orthopaedic surgical procedures - Rs.50000
  4. Dr. G. Madhu - Safety and Fire Engineering - Treatment of waste water using nano materials- Rs.50000
  5. Dr. Abdulla P - Electronics and Communication Engineering - Compact low pass filter with sharp roll off rate using microstrip resonator - Rs.50000
  6. Dr. Glory Joseph - Civil Engineering - Properties of latex modified concrete incorporating fly ash - Rs.50000
  7. Dr. S. Mridula​ - Electronics and Communication Engineering - Miniaturised band pass filters for wireless applications - Rs. 50000
  8. Dr. Deepa G. Nair - Civil Engineering - Potential of demolished wastes as a sustainable building material - Rs. 50000
  9. Dr. P.S. Sreejith - Mechanical Engineering - Fully mechanised ratt for coir yarn - Rs.50000
  10. Dr. Jibukumar M.G - Electronics and Communication Engineering - Optical fiber gas sensors - Rs.50000
  11. Sri. Unni A.M - Electronics and Communication Engineering - Optic fiber smart sensor - Rs.50000
  12. Sri. M.B. Santhosh Kumar - Information Technology - Artificial intelligence based expert system to study the life and longevity of a crop (Banana)​ - Rs.50000
  13. Dr. Narayanan Namboothiri V.N - Mechanical Engineering - Application of magneto rheological (MR) fluid in disaster management - Rs.50000
  14. Dr. Jacob Elias - Mechanical Engineering - Nonlinear studies on coupled systems using recurrence property - Rs.50000
  15. Dr. M.N. Vinodkumar - Safety and Fire Engineering - Factors influencing risky riding behaviour of two wheeler riders in Kerala - Rs.50000
  16. Dr. Biju N - Mechanical Engineering - Vibration based health monitoring and damage diagnosis of composite rotor blade structure - Rs.50000
  17. Dr. George Mathew - Safety and Fire Engineering - Study on the utilization of laterised geopolymer concrete in sustainable housing - Rs.50000
  18. Sri. Ramadass S.​ - Civil Engineering - Shear strength of GFRP reinforced concrete beams - Rs.50000
  19. Dr. Job Thomas - Civil Engineering - Characterization and use of artificial coarse aggregate in concrete - Rs.50000
  20. Smt. Anju Pradeep - Electronics and Communication Engineering - Near field UHF/microwave RFID tag with security - Rs.50000
  21. Dr. P. Mythili - Electronics and Communication Engineering - Investigations into the design of microstrip antennas suitable for breast tumour detection - Rs.50000
  22. Dr. Beena K.S - Civil Engineering - Model studies on liquefaction of soils - Rs.50000
  23. Dr. Philip Samuel - Information Technology - Enhancing quality of software through metrics and testing techniques - Rs.50000​


LBS Institute of Technology for Women 

  1. Mr Jayamohan J-Civil Engineering​-Effect of Under Ground Void on the Behaviour of Reinforced Granular Beds overlying Weak Soil​-Rs.200000
  2. Ms. Lizy Abraham-Electronics and Communication Engineering-Monitoring and Analysis of Simulated Space Craft Parameters using Lab Viewl​-Rs.176500
  3. Mr Naveen S-Electronics and Communication Engineering​-3D Face Recognition using stereoscopic input Images​-Rs.50000​
  4. Dr. Shreelekshmi R-Computer Science and Engineering-Adaptive Image Compression and Resolution Enhancement using wavelet Transform​-Rs.50000
  5. Deepambika V.A-Electronics and Communication Engineering-Stereo Vision for Robotic Applications​-Rs.50000
  6. Mr Jayamohan J-Civil Engineering-Study of Interface Stresses in Layered Soils​-Rs.200000
  7. Mr Sajan K Jose-Civil Engineering-Light Weight Foamed Concrete​-Rs.125000​

College of Engineering Perumon

  1. Ananda Resmi S - ECE - MR Image Analysis - Rs.1,00,000/-
  2. Ajith A - ECE - Identification of endangered fish species and similarity matching - Rs.1,00,000/-
  3. Surjith S - ECE - Design & development of object detection based on dimensions - Rs. 1,00,000/-
  4. VishnuPriya L - ECE - Gravity lock : Next generation Auto theft prevention system - Rs.50,000/-
  5. Mukundakumar M - ECE - Mobile Intercome App in PBX - Rs.50,000/-
  6. Sheeja Vincent - ECE - Millimeter wave mobile communications for 5G cellular - Rs. 50,000/-
  7. Vineeth R - ECE - Sim based Anti Theft system - Rs.1,00,000/-
  8. Santhosh B.S - ECE - Gesture controlled QuadCopter - Rs.50,000/-
  9. Sudeep Dinesh - ME - Eco Engine - Rs.1,00,000/-
  10. Sony R - ME - Camless valve Engine - Rs.1,00,000/-
  11. Rajesh A.V - EEE - Optimisation of Foetal ECG extraction algorithm - Rs.1,00,000/-
  12. Deepa M.U - EEE - Sensorless control of BLDC motor using FPGA - Rs.1,00,000/-​
  13. Rekha T - EEE - Power quality control in Traction System using UPQC - Rs.1,00,000/-​
  14. Jasna Basheer - EEE - Frequency locked loop DC motor speed control - Rs.45,000/-​

College of Engineering Kidangoor

  1. Shiney Thankachan-EC-Patch miniaturisation using meta materials​-Rs.4000
  2. Jisha Balakrishnan​-CE-Performance of mineral admixtures of high performance of concrete​-Rs.14500
  3. Rekha V R-CS-Public Health Records-Rs.9750
  4. Jijo Balakrishnan-EEE-Load analysis and design of micro hydro system for a small scale industry​-Rs.3680
  5. Anith Krishnan-EEE-Design of hybrid renewable energy off grid system-Rs.4873
  6. Anith Krishnan​-EEE/EI-Effect of passive cooling on Solar PV module performance-Rs.5750
  7. Saji Justus-EI-Water level control of a conical tank using sliding mode control​-Rs.9250
  8. Rekha V R-IT-Multicast authentication based on batch signatre-Rs.20000
  9. Mary Priyanka-CS-Smart Campus-Rs.20000
  10. Muhammed Nizr B K​-CS-Androcliberion​-Rs.20000
  11. Shiney Thankachan-EC-UWB and Bluetooth with dual notched bands for Wimax & Wlan-Rs.20000
  12. Divya S Nair-CE-Copper slag as fine aggregate replacement in concrete-Rs.20000​

Govt Engineering College Waya​nad

  1. ​Shri.Rajeev Rajan & Smt.Shilpa purushothaman - ECE - Non Destructive Classification  of Watermelon ripeness and Maturity by Acoustic analysis - Rs.100000
  2. Shri.Rajeev Rajan & Smt.Shilpa purushothaman - ECE - Study of speech emotion recognition system by fusion of features- Rs.50000​
  3. ​Shri.E Suresh Kumar & Smt.Diana  - ECE - Automated Vertical Farm Unit -Rs. 50000
  4. Shri.E Suresh Kumar​ & Smt.Shilpa purushothaman  - ECE - Suntracking Solar Panel with Temperature control - Rs.50000
  5. Shri.Job Chunkath & Shri.Mohanan kp - ECE - Solar Assisted Autonomous Vehicle - Rs.30000
  6. Shri.E Suresh Kumar & Shri.Jithin Raj- ECE - Multilevel Controlled Robotic Wheel Chair Prototype - Rs.44000
  7. Smt.Sujithamol S & Smt.Diana MD - ECE - GSM Based Energy Meter Reading System - Rs.15000
  8. Smt.Sujithamol S & Shri.Jithin Raj - ECE - Audience Response System - Rs.15000
  9. Dr.Thajudin Ahamed V.I & Shri.Rijesh VR - ECE - Portable Wireless ECG Monitoring System - Rs.21000
  10. Dr. Varun P Gopi & Dr.Mohandas VP - ECE - Iterative CT Immage reconstruction from reduced number of projection views - Rs.200000
  11. Dr.Thajudin Ahamed V.I​ & Dr.Varun P Gopi - ECE - Remotely triggered tranquilizing device for captive Elephants in musth​ - Rs.98000
  12. Dr.Thajudin Ahamed V.I & Shri. Job Chunkath - ECE - Technology assisted Agriculture through solar powered polyhouse/poly tunnels -  Rs.200000
  13. Dr.Thajudin Ahamed V.I  & Smt. Aparna Harindranath - ECE - Heart Beat Monitoring by GSM for Cardiac Patients - Rs.30000
  14. Shri.Sivadasan K.V & Smt. Shilpa Purushothaman  - EEE - Remote Controlling Electrical Equipments - Rs.16500
  15. Shri.Vishal M.J & Shri. Ajith Vijayan  - EEE - Wireless Power Transition​ - Rs.19000
  16. Dr.Varun P Gopi & Shri. JithinRaj - ECE - Noise Level Alarm - Rs.2500
  17. Smt.Reeha K.R & Smt.Sujithamol S - ECE - Safety Guard for Blind - Rs.5000​
  18. Shri. E SureshKumar & Dr. Thajudin Ahmed VI ​ - ECE - Study of Hill station climate on solar photovoltaic systems - Rs.200000
  19. Shri.Prasanth V.S & Dr.Manu V - ME - Evaluation of properties of coconut oil at different areas in lubrication point of view - Rs.185000

Govt Engineering College ​Sreekrishnapuram


  1. Shri. Vinayachandran K.K-IT-Obstacle Detection Robot using Blue Tooth/Android​​ Control​-Rs.20000
  2. ​Smt. Silpa Sangeeth L.R​ &Shri. Vinayachandran K.K-IT-​Crash Impact Sensor System with Warning Calls to Hospital,Fire Force & Plolice Station​-Rs.22000​
  3. Prof.Mrinalini C.P-ECE-Led Solar Project​-Rs.47900​
  4. Shri. Vinayachandran K.K &Shri. Sathyanath T-IT-College Info Therminal​-Rs.30000


College of Engineering Karunagappally

  1. Dr. Hari V.S​ - EC - Automated Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease using QVF - Rs.100000​​​​
  2. Smt.Deepa A.K - EC- Image Processing Techniques for Breast Image Analysis -            Rs.100000​
  3. Smt. Remya R.S Mili Roslin Mathew - CS - Video Tampering Detection –An application       to video     forensics​-Rs.100000
  4. Smt. Smitha P - CS - Automated Cancer Detection and Grading of Breast               Microscopy Images​ - Rs.100000
  5. Mr.Shajy L- CS - Early Lung Cancer Detection Through Extraction And Analysis Of Sputum Cell Images​ - Rs.100000
  6. Smt. Jyothy R.L​- CS - Handwritten character recognition from manuscripts written in ancient Grantha scripts- Rs.100000
  7. Smt. Remya R.S , Sabeena K-CS -Detection of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia- Rs100000
  8. Smt. Jyothy R.L​- CS -Handwritten character recognition of various ancient and current Malayalam fonts- Rs.100000​


T K M College of Engineering,Kollam

  1. Dr.Seema K Nayar-Civil Engineering-Formulation of a Process Assessment Model(PAM) for jalanidhi​-Rs.115000
  2. Prof.Amal Azad Sahib-Civil Engineering-FElectro Kinetic remediation of Kuttanad Clay​-Rs.135000
  3. Prof.Rekha Ambi & Prof.Sulphia Beevi U-Civil Engineering-Investigations on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete in blended cementitious systems​-Rs.85000
  4. Prof.Sajida Razaque-Civil Engineering-Investigation of interlocking building block masonry​-Rs.100000
  5. Dr.M Nazeer &Prof.Rekha Ambi-Civil EngineeringInvestigations on the durability of ternery blended cementitious systems in various chemical enviornments​-Rs.107000
  6. Prof.Ramaswamy K P-Civil Engineering-Investigation into the synergistic effects of ternary cementitious systems for sustainable development​-Rs.120000
  7. Prof.Jesna Mohammed-Mechanical Engineering-Experimental and Computational studies on helium mass requirement for cryogenic propellant tanks​-Rs.30000
  8. Prof.Syed Muhammed Fahd & Prof.Krishnakumar T S-Mechanical Engineering-Synthesis of nanoparticles by chemical routs,their characterization and analysis of the effect of nanoparticles in thermo physical prperties of conventional coolants-Rs.135000
  9. Dr.K E Reby Roy-Mechanical Engineering-Computational and experimental studies on chilldown of helically coiled liquid nitrogen pipes with continious and pulse flows-Rs.120000
  10. Prof.Sheeba A-Mechanical Engineering-Numerical and Experimental investigations of heat transfer characteristics of helical coil heat exchanger-Rs.50000
  11. Prof.Leena R-Mechanical EngineeringT-hermal and mechanical characteristics of jet impingement quenching for carbon and alloy steel-Rs.52000
  12. Dr.Ushadevi Amma-Electrical Engineering-Ultrasound assisted optical elastography for imaging the elastic properties of breast tissue-Rs.120000​

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