Faculty Development Programmes Executed

2 01 6 September 

  • Short term training programme on the emerging topic “Machine learning tools and Techniques” from 29 Aug 2016 to 2 Sept 2016 under TEQIP phase II at School of Engineering CUSAT .


201 6 August

  • National workshop on “Molecular Characterization Techniques” from 3rd to 6th August 2016 art Government Engineering College  Kozhikode  .

201 6 July


  • Short term training programme on "Structural Equation Modelling and Factor Analysis for Researchers " from 25th July to 30th July 2016  at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kotayam .

  • Faculty Development Programme  on" VLSI Design-Research Perspective "from 20th - 25th July 2016 at College of Engineering Perumon .

  • Short term training program on "Experimental Stress Analysis" from 19-23 July 2016  at Government Engineering College Barton Hill  .

  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering is conducting a 3 day workshop ‘Ergonomics in Workplace: Measurement, Analysis and Solutions’ during 20-22 July 2016 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technolog Kottayam .​​

  • Faculty Development Programme on “Solar Photovoltaics and its applications to Smartgrid” from 20th to 22th July 2016 at LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura  .

  • Short Term Training Programme on "Recent Advances in Optical Communication" sponsored by TEQIP II from 18th  July to  20th July 2016 at LBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura.

  • Faculty Development Programme on “Recent Trends in Medical and Satellite Image Processing”,sponsored by   TEQIP - II  from 11th July to 15th  July 2016 at College of Engineering Perumon .

  • Short term training programme on "Durability of reinforced concrete structures" from 27th June to 2nd July 2016  at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kotayam .

  • Short term training programme on "Data Analysis using Computstional Softwares"during  27th June to 2nd July 2016  at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kotayam   .


201 6 June


    Workshop on “Electrical Machine using  ANSYS “during 28th -30th June 2016 at Department of Electrical Engineering,Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kotayam  .

  • Division of Electronics, School of engineering CUSAT  is organizing a two day SDP program on ‘LaTeX- Report  and Article Writing- LaTeX RAW 2016 ‘ under TEQIP Phase II from  27th to 28th June 2016  .

  • Short Term Training programme on “ Image Processing using Labview ” during 20th -22nd June 2016 at Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kotayam  .


    Short term training programme on "Familiarization and Maintenance of Sophisticated Electronic Laboratory Equipment " during  15th to 17th June 2016 at Government Engineering college, Thrissur .

  • Short term training programme on "INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS – THEORY AND APPLICATIONS" during  1st to 7th June 2016 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam  .


201 6 May

  • TKM College of Engineering, Kollam is conducting a TEQIP -II Sponsored 6-Day Faculty Development Programme on “Contemporary Developments in Optimization Techniques and Applications” from 18th to 23rd of May 2016  .

  • Faculty Development Programme on “How to do a good Ph.D. And How to write papers/thesis using LaTeX” will b e conducted at College of Engineering   Karunagappally from   02nd to 06th May 2016   .

201 6 April

  • Faculty Development Programme on “Bio-Signal Processing ” will b e conducted at College of Engineering   Vadakara from   25th to 30th April 2016   .

  • The Department of Computer science & Engineering and Information Technology, College of Engineering Trikaripur is organizing a seven day national level Sh ort Term Training Programme on “How to develop, deploy and maintain web applications using PHP and MySQL” sponsored by TEQIP II from 18-24 April 2016 Cilick Here .

  • The Department of Information Technology, Govt Engineering College, Bartonhill is organizing a three day FDP on "Recent Trends in Software Engineeringfrom20.04.2016 to 22.04.2016 under TEQIP-II .

  • IHRD is organizing a series of Faculty Development Programmes (FDP) in Engineering & Technology   at Model Finishing School Trivandrum and Model Engineering College Kochi from 18th to 22nd April 2016  FDP1  FDP2

  • Department of  Electronics and  Communication Engineering, College of Engineering, Vadakara  is organizing a Six day National Level Faculty Development Program on "Signal Processing: Theory, Tools and Applications" from 18th -23rd of April 2016  .

  • Faculty Development Programme on "Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning "

    will be conducted at College of Engineering Kidangoor from   18th to 22nd April 2016  ​

  • Staff Development Programme (SDP) on Recent Advances and Developments in Communication System from 04th to 16th April 2016 at College of Engineering Perumon  .

  • Faculty Development Programme on “DATA MINING AND ITS APPLICATIONS” will b e conducted at College of Engineering   Vadakara from   4th to 9th April 2016   .

  • Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, College of Engineering Trikaripur is organizing a three day workshop on  “Familiarization of EDA Tools for Circuit Simulation and PCB Design” from 04th April 2016 to 06th April 2016  .

  • Faculty Development Programme on “Advances in Non Linear Control” will be conducted at College of Engineering  Kidangoor from   31th March to 6th April 2016   .

201 6 March

  • Faculty Development Programme on “Mathematical applications in Engineering” will be conducted at College of Engineering   Adoor from   29-31 March 2016   .

  • Faculty Development Programme on"Optimization Techniques"  will be conducted at College of Engineering  Cherthala from 21 -23, March 2016 .

  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam is conducting Short term training programme on "Familiarisation of trainer kits and softwares in Electronics lab"during  21st to 23rd March 2016   

  • Faculty Development Programme on" Aerospace Engineering-Theory & Applications"  will be conducted at College of Engineering   Adoor from 18-23, March 2016.

  • A three day workshop on Computer Vision: Techniqu es and Applications from 17.03.16 to 19.03.16 under TEQIP-II at College of Engineering Karunagappally.

  • Workshop on “Recent Advancements & Research Issues in Cloud Security”, sponsored by TEQIP - II (Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme – Phase II) from 14th to 18th  March 2016 at College of Engineering Perumon.

  • Short term training programme on "Introduction to Advanced Softwares in Civil Engineering" will be conducted at  Government Engineering College Kozhikode  from 9-15, March 2016 .

  • Short term training programme on  "Generation Protection and Effective Utilization of Electric Power"  will be conducted at College of Engineering Kidangoor   from 1-3, March  2016 .

201 6 February

  • Short term training programme on"Signal processing and Pattern Analysis  "  from 22.02.2016 to 27.02.2016 at Government Engineering College Kozhikode  .

  • Faculty Development Programme on “STATE-OF-THE-ART OF SOLAR ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES" will be conducted at College of Engineering Adoor from 22-26,February  2016   .

  • Faculty  Development Programme on “A Glimpse into the Design and Implementation of Electronic Hardware Resources” from 10-12 February 2016 at College of Engineering Adoor   .

  • Faculty Development Programme on " Workshop on Network Simulators-NS2 & NS3" from 8th to 10th February 2016 at College of Engineering Cherthala  .

201 6 January

  • Faculty Development Programme on “POWER ELECTRONICS FOR GRID CONNECTED RENEWABLE ENERGY SYST EMS” will be conducted at College of Engineering Thalassery  from January 29 to February 4, 2016 .

  • Faculty Development Programme on " Recent Advances in Renewable Energy Technologies" from 28-30, January 2016 at College of Engineering Adoor   .

  • Staff Development Programme on " Language Computing  " from 18th to 22nd January 2016 at Governemnt Engineering College Sreekr ishnapuram   .

  • Faculty Development Programme on "Applied Mathematics" at College of Engineering Trikkaripur  from 19th to 23rd January 2016   .

  • Short Term Training Programme on ”Recent Trends in Applied Physics” for Faculty members/ Research Scholars/M.Phil/M.Tech./ M.Sc students during 11-15 January 2016  at School of Engineering CUSAT.

  •  Faculty Development Programme on " Computational Fluid Dynamics" from 11th to 15th January 2016 at College of Engineering Adoor  .

  • Faculty Development Programme on "Recent Trends in Digital Image Processing"  from 6th -8th January 2016 at College of Engineering Adoor   .

  • 5-Day Faculty Development Programme on "Mathematical Challenges in Cyber Security" from 4th to 8th of January 2016 at TKM College of Engineering Kollam   .

  • 5-Day Faculty Development Programme on "Machine Learning and Natural Language  Processing" from 4th to 8th of January 2016 at TKM College of Engineering Kollam  .

  • FDP on "Control System and ITS Applications" from 28th dec to 1st january 2016 at College of Engineering Kidangoor  .


201 5 December

  • FDP on "Algorithms & Complexity "   from 28th to 31th December 2015 under TEQIP-II at Government Engineering College Idukki  .

  • FDP on "Green  Nanotechnology in Materials Engin eering and Energy Applications " from 15th to 19th December 2015 under TEQIP-II at College of Engineering Adoor .
  • FDP on "Advanced Algorithms and Complexity Theory '' from 14th to 18th December2015 under TEQIP-II at LBSITW Poojappura  .
  • FDP on "Computer Vision and Video Analytics'' from 14th to 18th December2015 under TEQIP-II at TKM College of Engineering Kollam  .
  • A three day workshop on "Outcome Based Education and NBA Accreditation(OBENA)" from 10.

    12.15 to 12.12.15 at  College of Engineering Kidangoor  .

  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering  organizing a Faculty Development Programme on "Mathematical Techniques in Engineering Resarch' from 7th to 12th December 2015 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam  .

  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is organizing  Six Day Staff Development Programme on “Image Processing implementation on Raspberry PI”  from December 07th to 12th 2015 at College of Engineering Perumon Clilck Here .

  • Short Term Training Programme on ”Air Quality Monitoring & Assessment” during 9-11

    December 2015  at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam  .

  • FDP on "Object Oriented Programming in nutshell using Python " from 09 th to 11th December 2015 under TEQIP-II at College of Engineering Adoor  .

  • STTP on "Interpersonal Relationship" from 9th of December to 11th of December, 2015 under TEQIP-II atGovernment Engineering college Barton Hill   .

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering is organizing five days short term training programme (STTP) on “Theoretical and Applied Computational Fluid Flow and Heat  Transfer" from 7th to 11th December, 2015 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam. 

  • Four day workshop on "Bamboo Technology " from to 30th November to 3rd December 2015 atGovernment Engineering college Barton Hill  .





201 5 November 

  • Department of Civil Engineering  is organizing  2 day workshop on "Environmental Impact Assessment"  (EIA)   on 20th and 21st November 2015 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam .

  • FDP on "Engineering Research: Practices and Tools" from 23rd to 27th November 2015 under TEQIP-II atCollege of Engi neering Thrikaripur  .

  • FDP on "POWER SYSTEM OPERATIONS" from 23rd to 27th November 2015 under TEQIP-II at TKM College of Engineering Kollam  .

  • 5 day FDP on "A dministering network components  and infrastructure servers " from 23rd to 27th November 2015 under TEQIP-II at College of Engineering Vadakara .

  • Three day Workshop on "C mputational Geotechnics and Soil Dynamics"  during 21 -25 November  2015 in association with Indian Geotechnical Society - Thiruvananthapuram Chapter at Department of Civil Engineering, LBS Institute of Technology Poojapura,  . 

  • Two day workshop on "Power System Simulation Studies Using ETAP Software " from 12th to 13th November 2015 under TEQIP-II at Government Engineering College Barton Hill  .

  • FDP on "THERMAL & STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS - A Simulation Approach'' from 4th to 6th November 2015 under TEQIP-II at Government Engineering College Kozhikode  .

  • STTP on "Big data analysis using Apache Spark and Map Reduce" from 16th to 20th November 2015 at School of Engineering, CUSAT .

201 5 October 

  • FDP on  “Hazards Posted by E- Waste and Comprehensive Waste Management Technologies" from    26-28, October 2015 , at College of Engineering Adoor 
  • Three day Workshop on  "Moulding Social Engineers" during 27-29 October 2015 at Department of Mechanical Engineering, RIT,  Kottayam .

201 5 July

  • STTP  ON DESIGN USING CATIA SOFTWARE  DURING 06-22  JULY, 2015 at Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam   
  • Three day Workshop on “LATEX- A tool for effective documentation”  from July 6th to 8th, 2015 at

    LBS Institute of Technology for Women Poojappura, Trivandrum

  • Three day Workshop on   "Data Acquisition and Processing Using LabVIEW".  from July Jul 20-22, 2015 , at Government Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram  

  • FDP on  “Modeling and simulation on power electronics and  power Systems”  from   July Jul 20-22, 2015 , at College of Engineering Perumon ,Kollam  

  • FDP on  "Recent Issues in Biomedical Research "  from   July Jul 29 -31 , 2015 , at College of Engineering Karunagappally

2015 June

  • STTP on  " THEORY AND PRACTICE IN CNC MACHINING  Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam  from  02-08 June 2015.

  • STTP on  " Recent Advances in Wireless Communication " LBS Institute of Technology for Women Poojappura, Trivandrum  from  8- 12 June 2015.

  • STTP on " Computational Electromagnetics using HFSS" School of Engineeirng CUSAT

      from  15-19 June 2015.

  • STTP on  " Finite element analysis using ANSYS  " Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam  from  22-26 June 2015.

2015 April 


  • FDP on "Web Technologies " College of Engineering Vadakara from 20-25 April 2015.

  • STTP on  "Advanced Algorithm Analysis and Design " Government Engineering College Thrissur from 21-25 April 2015.

  • FDP on "VLSI DESIGN USING TANNER"  Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam 

    from 22 -24 April 2015.


2015 February


  • STTP on  "Structural Analyis and Design Using STAAD " Government College of Engineering Kannur from 02-07 February 2014 

2015 January

  • STTP on  "Computational Techniques for Engineering Analysis" Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottaym from 05-09 January, 2014. 

  • FDP on " Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning " College of Engineering Vadakara from 19-23 January 2015.

2014 December 
  • FDP on "Research Trends in Semiconductor Device Modeling and Fabrication" College of Engineering Cherthala from 08-12 December 2014 
  • FDP on "Cloud Computing" College of Engineering Trikaripur, Cheemeni from 08-12 December 2014         
  • FDP on "DSP and Control Systems: Principles and Approaches 2014" College of Enigneering Vadakara from 01-06 December 2014  
  • FDP on "Research Methodology" Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology Kottayam from 01-05 December 2014  
  • Staff Development Training on "Computer Networking & MaintananceGovernment Engineering College Kozhikode from 01-05 December 2014
  • Workshop on "MATLAB for Signal Processing " Government Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram  from 01-03 December 2014

2014 November 



  • FDP on "Network Administration in Windows" College of Enigneering Kidangoor from 24-28, November,2014 

  • Training programme for faculty and Technical Staff on "Moodle FundamendalsCollege of Engineering Kidangoor from 27-28 November 2014
  • Training programme for faculty members on "Smart Grid Application & ChallengersCollege of Engineering Kidangoor from 17-21 November 2014
  • Workshop on "Micro Controllers " College of Engineering Karunagappally from 17-19 November 2014
  • FDP on "Image Processing With MATLAB" College of Enigneering Kidangoor from 10-14, November,2014 
  • Workshop on "Antenna Theory and DesignGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram from 10-12 November 2014

2014 August


  • STTP on  "Research Directions towards Wired and Wireless Networking Technologies"

     Government Engineering College  Barton Hill 04-09 ,August, 2014 


2014 July

  • Android ApplicationsLBS Institute of Technology for Women, Poojappura, 2-8, July, 2014. Contact Jayalekshmi.S, Academic Nodal Officer, LBSITW, Phone  096452381 36

  • Timeless leadreship-Ignite the spark in your heart, GEC Bartonhill, 2-5, July, 2014 Contact Dr. Suja.R (sujasreekumar2014@gmail.com, 9495058367 ) Dr. Raji.M  (rajisubash009@gmail.com 8281617934)

2014 April

  • Seminar on After Graduation Career Guidance ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,25,April,2014

  • Workshop On Study And Maintanance of Home Appliances ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,30,April,2014

  • Seminar on FDP on application of softcomputing techniques in power system  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,28 april-03 May,2014


2014 March

  • Workshop on Emerging trends in dynamic balancing and design of vehicles and machinery , College of Engineering, Thalassery ,10,March,2014

  • Seminar on NBA-FormalitiesCollege of Engineering, Thalassery ,27March,2014

  • Workshop on  Industrial Automation,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,10-11,March,2014

  • Workshop on HFSS Simulation,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,21,March,2014

  • Seminar on NBA Accreditation- Formalities,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,March,29,2014

  • Workshop on Software and Its Industrial Application In Civil Engineering,College of Engineering Trikaripur,28,March,2014

  • Seminar on SAP ERP ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,March,31,2014

  • Seminar on FEA Applications in AutomobilesGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 27 March ,2014  

  • Workshop on Simulation of VLSI Circuits using Tanner toolsGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 14-15 March ,2014  

  • Seminar on DCB Design , Government Engineering College Barton Hill 06-07 March ,2014  

  • Workshop  on Custom IC Design using Tanner EDA Government Engineering CollegeThrissur 06-07 March ,2014

  • Workshop  on PYTHON and GNU OCTAVE  , Government Engineering College Wayanad 24-26 March ,2014

  • Workshop  on STTP on Advanced Computer Networks and Queuing Theory  , RIT Kottayam 06-08 March ,2014   

  • Workshop  on STTP on Testing and Calibration of electronic Equipments   ,RIT Kottayam

    19-21 March ,2014

  • Workshop on  Dspace Open Source Software for building digital repositories/libraries ,School of Engineering CUSAT,22-23 March,2014

2014 February

  • Seminar on An Introduction to Wavelet Transforms,  College of Engineering Cherthala,01-03 February 2014

  • Seminar on Advance Mechanics Part II-Classical and Continuum ApproachCollege of Engineering, Thalassery 01 February,2014

  • Seminar on Research MethodologiesCollege of Engineering, Thalassery 03 February,2014

  • Seminar on Advanced Mechanics-Classical and Continuum Approach & Truss Analysis College of Engineering, Thalassery 04 February,2014

  • Workshop on Robotics , College of Engineering, Thalassery 11 February,2014

  • Seminar on Physics of Nanoscale Devices ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,28Feb- 03march ,2014  

  • Seminar on Server Virtualization & Configuration ,  College of Engineering Adoor,25 February ,2014

  • Seminar on Manufacturing Techniques in Aerospace IndustryGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 24 February ,2014  

  • Seminar on Advanced Digital Signal Processing Government Engineering College Barton Hill20 February ,2014

  • Workshop on Introduction to RoboticsGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 25 February ,2014    

  • Workshop  on Interactive Class RoomGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 19-21 February ,2014

  • Workshop  on Green ChemistryGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 15-17 February ,2014

  • Workshop  on FSD on AstronomyGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 10-22 February ,2014

  • Workshop  on Total station surveyingGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 24-25February ,2014

  • Workshop  on Open Source software for engineersGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 17-19 February ,2014

  • Workshop  on Innovative Waste Management PracticesGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 20 February ,2014

  • Workshop  on Solar Energy Solutions to the low income sector and Tribal CommunitiesGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 21 February ,2014

  • Seminar  on Technical writing for publications LBS Poojappura 11 February ,2014

  • Seminar  on Computational Geometry and Algorithms by Prof Shine S LBS Poojappura 12 February ,2014

  • Workshop  on STTP on Web designingRIT Kottayam 12-14 February ,2014

  • Workshop  on STTP on Engineering Optimization methods & ApplicationRIT Kottayam,28 Feb-06 Mar ,2014

  • National Seminar on Corrosion of Marine Installations ,School of Engineering CUSAT,21-22 February ,2014

  • Seminar on Finite Element Analysis using Plaxis 3D In Association with Asiapac & Ram Caddsys Pvt Ltd ,School of Engineering CUSAT,14 February ,2014

2014 January

  • Short term t raining program on  Advanced Network Configuration and Implimentation, Government Engineering college Idukki ,23-25 january, 2014

  • Seminar on Timing Analsis in Digital System,  College of Engineering Cherthala,01 January 2014

  • Seminar on Research & Innovative Methods in Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Engineering, Thalassery 06 January,2014

  • Seminar on Advances Mechanics-Classical and Continuum Approach , College of Engineering, Thalassery 24 January,2014

  • Seminar on Virtual Classroom a View Online TrainingCollege of Engineering, Thalassery 24 January,2014

  • Workshop on VHDL,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,25 January ,2014

  • Workshop on Technical document preparation using latex,Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 04 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Advanced Network Configuration and ImplimentationGovernment Engineering College Idukki 23-25 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Familiarisation with MicrocontrollersGovernment Engineering College Idukki 03-05 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Spread sheet-Made easyGovernment Engineering College Idukki 03-05 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Personality Development programmeGovernment Engineering College Idukki 08-10 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Discrete Computation Structures with ApplicationGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 27-31 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Introduction to cloud computingGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram06-08 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Soft ComputingGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 09-11 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Electrical Safety MeasuresGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 08-10 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Discrete Computational Structures and Graph TheoryGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 27-31 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Innovative Research MethodGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 20-22 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Report Writing Using LATEX TechnologyGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 23-25 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on Speech and Audio Signal Processing Government Engineering College Thrissur 27-31 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on RoboticsGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 24-25 January ,2014

  • Workshop  on IBM Rational ProgrammeGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 21-24 January ,2014

  • Seminar  on Experience Sharing and good practices on improving transition rate of studentsRIT Kottayam,28 January ,2014

  • Workshop on  National Workshop on Environmental Management-New Paradigm for water, sanitation and sustainability ,School of Engineering CUSAT,28 January ,2014

  • Workshop on  IPv6 Innovation Challenge ,School of Engineering CUSAT,08 January ,2014

  • Seminar on Experimental Techniques in Materials & Structures  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,23-25 January ,2014  


 2013 December

  • Workshop on  Multisim, Ultiboard & Tanner EDA ToolsCollege of Engineering, Perumon  16-18 December ,2013

  • Seminar on  ENERGY CONSERVATIONCollege of Engineering, Thalassery 12 December ,2013

  • Workshop on  LINUX NETWORK & SERVER ADMINISTRATIONCollege of Engineering, Thalassery 02,December ,2013

  • Seminar  on Energy Auditing ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,08 December,2013  

  • Workshop on Linux server administrationCooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 02 December,2013

  • Workshop on Android Digital VLSI and Robotics Government Engineering College Barton Hill 20-28 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on Latex- A beginners Approach Government Engineering College Idukki 18-20 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on Short term training programme on “Virtual Instrumentation Using LabView”Government Engineering College Idukki 02-06 December ,2013

  • Seminar  on Image processing with MATLABGovernment Engineering College Idukki 16-18 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on Introduction to e-WorldGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram 03-0 7 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on Advances in civil engineering materials and constructionGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 24-25 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on Electrical Estimation and Energy ManagementGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 17-16  December ,2013

  • Workshop  on Nano science and Smart Materialst Government Engineering College Thrissur 16-18 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on  Academic Documentation PreparationGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 10-11 December ,2013

  • Seminar  on  Preparing for the industry,LBS Poojappura 07 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on  Speech Processing,Rit kottayam,09-12 December ,2013

  • Workshop  on  training on tools & software for advanced communication ,Rit kottayam,11-13 December ,2013

  • Workshop on Computational Tools for power system Applications ,School of Engineering CUSAT,18-19 December,2013

  • Workshop on Flexible Manufacturing Systems and Digital Manufacturing ,School of Engineering CUSAT,12 December,2013

  • Workshop on Research workshop on Risk Assessment and Reliability Engineering ,School of Engineering CUSAT,16  December,2013

  • Workshop on Safety practices & Maintenance ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,02-04 December,2013

  • Seminar on Recent advances in Power electronics & Industrial drives  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,16-20 December,2013

  • Seminar on PLC and SCADA  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,06 December,2013

  • Seminar on Micro and Nanoscale Heat Transfer ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,16-18 December,2013

  • Seminar on Research methodology For engineers  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,02-04 December,2013

  • Workshop on Soft skill development  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,02-06 December,2013

  • Workshop on Technology clinic,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,10-11 December,2013

  • Seminar on Mathematical tool for Electronics engineers  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,10 December,2013 

  • Seminar on Separation techniques For process industries  ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,16-20 December,2013 

  • Seminar on Probabilistic Algorithms   ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,17 December,2013 



2013 November

  • Seminar on Digital Filiter Design - the Role  of Poles and Zeros,  College of Engineering Cherthala,27 November 2013

  • Workshop on  Android ProgrammingCollege of Engineering, Perumon 19-21 November ,2013

  • Workshop on Digital Image ProcessingCollege of Engineering Thalassery,18,November ,2013

  • Workshop on Communicative English Programme College of Engineering, Thalassery,04,November ,2013 

  • Workshop on Proteus Familiarisation ,  College of Engineering Adoor,29,November,2013

  • Seminr on Advanced Techniques for Analysis in Mechanical Engineering, techniques & advances ,Government Engineering College Kannur 04 November,2013

  • Workshop on Personal Empowerment for Women Government Engineering College Barton Hill 19-21 November  ,2013

  • Workshop on AccreditationGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 05 November   ,2013

  • Workshop on Moodle and LaTEXGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 05-09 November   ,2013

  • Seminar on Simulation of wired and wireless networks using NS2Government Engineering College Barton Hill 29-30 November   ,2013

  • Workshop on Advanced Embedded SystemsGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 27-28 November  ,2013

  • Workshop on Image Processing using MATLABGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 20-22  November  ,2013

  • Workshop on Programming using ARM processorGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 26-28  November   ,2013

  • Workshop on PIC ProgrammingGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 30Nove-  01 Dec ,2013

  • Seminar  on Creating and Managing Time - A Tick Tick TalkGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 25 November ,2013

  • Workshop on Developing Hands on Skills to Work with latest technologies of Signal Processing,Government Engineering College Barton Hill 20-30 November ,2013

  • Workshop  on Research Initiating Developing ToolGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill25 November ,2013

  • Workshop  on Microprocessor based system designGovernment Engineering College Idukki 10-12 November ,2013

  • Workshop  on Transmission lines and ApplicationsGovernment Engineering College Idukki08 November ,2013

  • Workshop  on Embedded System Design using PIC Government Engineering College Idukki 27 Nove-01Dece ,2013

  • Workshop  on Enhancing Individual Excellence for Career EffectivenessGovernment Engineering College Idukki 25-28 November ,2013

  • Workshop  on Aakash Application FamiliarizationGovernment Engineering College Idukki 12-13 November ,2013

  • Workshop  on Work culture and team spirit for enhancement of organisational effieciencyGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 19-21 November ,2013

  • Workshop  on Challenges in stress managementGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 24-25 November ,2013

  • Workshop on Engineering Research for the betterment of the SocietyGovernment Engineering College Wayanad, 20-21 November,2013

  • Workshop on Linux Server Administration Phase II Government Engineering College Wayanad, 25-29 November,2013

  • Workshop on Auto CADDLBS Poojappura, 29 Nov-02Dece,2013

  • Seminar on ULtra High Capacity Fibre Optics CommunicationLBS Poojappura, 19 November,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Arm Processor in Embedded SystemsRIT Kottayam, 19-23 November,2013

  • Workshop on Simulation tools in communication systems- ns-2RIT Kottayam, 22-24 November,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Smart Power Electronic Controllers using Programmable logic DeviceRIT Kottayam, 19-23 November,2013

  • Workshop on Applying Matlab for Research ,School of Engineering CUSAT,18-20 November,2013

  • Seminar on Advances in Hydro systems modeling And climate change Impact assessmentResearchTKM College of Engineering Kollam,25 November,2013

  • Seminar on Total station and GPS TKM College of Engineering Kollam,11-15 November,2013

  • Workshop on Advanced digital signal Processing , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,11 November,2013

  • Seminar  on Simulation & software Used in EEE , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,04-08 November,2013

  • Seminar  on Development of Communication skills Art of teaching and Research , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,11-15 November,2013

  • Workshop  on Advances in Industrial Management , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,04-08 November,2013

  • Seminar  on Computer aided drafting For designers , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,25-27 November,2013

  • Workshop  on RF design using AWR Design environment , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,28 Nove-02 Dec,2013

  • Seminar  on Water and waste water Management , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,18-23 November,2013

  • Workshop  on Safety practices in Laboratory Equipments & MaintenanceTKM College of Engineering Kollam,28-29 November,2013

  • Workshop  on Mathematical Programming Techniques TKM College of Engineering Kollam,21-23 November,2013

  • Seminar  on Algorithm design TechniquesTKM College of Engineering Kollam,08-09 November,2013 

  • Workshop  on Microsoft Excel, Word and internet BrowsingTKM College of Engineering Kollam,02-16 November,2013

  • Workshop  on Application development using javaTKM College of Engineering Kollam,27-29 November,2013

  • Workshop  on Soft ComputingTKM College of Engineering Kollam,04-08 November,2013

  • Workshop  on Advanced digital signal ProcessingTKM College of Engineering Kollam18-22 November,2013


2013 October

  • Seminar on Recent Advances in Pumps &  Hydrolic Systems College of Engineering Thalassery,11,October ,2013

  • Workshop on Adwaitha- 2013,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,12-13,October,2013

  • Seminr on Application of water CAD & EPANET on water supply distribution system analysis & design,Government Engineering College Kannur 02 October  ,2013

  • Seminr on Recent Development in Research on Metallurgy & Material ScienceGovernment Engineering College Kannur 18 October  ,2013

  • Seminr on Composite, Materials and their Research PotentialGovernment Engineering College Kannur 28 October  ,2013

  • Seminr on VLSI & Embedded Systems: Design methods, techniques & advancesGovernment Engineering College Kannur 11-12 October  ,2013

  • Seminr on Microcontrollers, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Government Engineering College Kannur 07-12 October  ,2013

  • Seminr on Advance Power Electronic Devices And ControlGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 21-23 October  ,2013

  • Symposium on Introduction to the fields of Electrical and Electronics EngineeringGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 01 October  ,2013

  • Symposium on Orientation to Energy wastage and conservationGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 05 October  ,2013

  • Symposium on Life Skill Development ProgrammeGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill01 October  ,2013

  • Symposium on Research Directions on Cryptography and network securityGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 01 October  ,2013

  • Workshop on Ethical Hacking Government Engineering College Barton Hill 05-06 October  ,2013

  • Seminar on Social ResponsibilityGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 02 October  ,2013

  • Workshop on Employability SkillsGovernment Engineering College Kozhikode, 04-06 October 2013

  • Workshop on Digital Image ProcessingGovernment Engineering College Idukki, 03-04 October 2013

  • Workshop on Electromagnetics and its application, Government Engineering College Idukki , 26-27 October 2013

  • Workshop on A step into InfotechGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram, 28-30 October 2013

  • Workshop on Quantitative Analyses for ResearchGovernment Engineering College Thrissur, 23-25 October 2013

  • Workshop on Application of Power ElectronicsGovernment Engineering College Thrissur, 07-11 October 2013

  • Workshop on IIIcell workshop - FPGA based system DesignGovernment Engineering College Thrissur, 10-11 October 2013

  • Seminar on "Deploying IPhone and iPad" by AppleLBS Poojappura, 09 October 2013

  • Workshop on Stadpro-Intrcadd SystemsLBS Poojappura, 24 October 2013

  • Seminar on Autonomy by Prof radhakrishnanLBS Poojappura, 30 October 2013

  • Workshop on Natural Language Processing RIT Kottayam, 11 October 2013

  • Seminar on Kerala Service Rules and Store Purchase Manual RIT Kottayam, 17-19 October 2013

  • Seminar on Thermax ,School of Engineering CUSAT,12 October,2013

  • Seminar on Autocad-2D,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,9-11 October,2013

  • Seminar on Language lab for Technical staff,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,21-23 October ,2013

  • Seminar on Lab Management ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,07-11 October ,2013

  • Seminar on Introduction to Robotics, MEMS & Nanotechnology ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,21-25 October ,2013

  • Seminar on Recent advances in nanotechnology ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,28 Oct-03 Nov ,2013

  • Seminar on Computer hardware Maintenance and trouble Shooting,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,21-22 October ,2013

  • Workshop on Educational leadership and Capacity building ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,26 October ,2013

  • Workshop onFinite Element Method and its applications in engineering ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,17-22 October ,2013


2013 September

  • Workshop on PLC & SCADA,  College of Engineering Cherthala,30Sept-05oct 2013

  • Workshop on RANDOM PROCESS AND APPLICATIONS College of Engineering karunagapally 09-11 september 2013

  • Seminar on Total quality managementCooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 28 september 2013

  • Seminr on Application Development, testing & Deployment using Java Based FrameworkGovernment Engineering College Kannur 02-07  september   ,2013

  • Workshop  on DDFS for the administrative staff, Government Engineering College Barton Hill 06-07 september  ,2013

  • Seminar on Computer Networking and Cross PlatformGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill, 02-10 september 2013

  • Seminar on Data Acquisition Systems - Hands on training on expeyes and python programmingGovernment Engineering College Kozhikode, 11-13 september 2013

  • Seminar on EntrepreneurshipGovernment Engineering College Kozhikode, 12 september 2013

  • Workshop on Advanced research for high-tech R&DGovernment Engineering College Kozhikode, 05-07 september 2013

  • Workshop on MATLABGovernment Engineering College Idukki, 26-27 september 2013

  • Seminar on State entrepreneurship day programmeGovernment Engineering College Idukki, 12 september 2013

  • Seminar on Generalized Buchi Automata,Linear Temporal Logic Syntax, Semantics, LTL Model Checking and Model Checking using the tool NuSMVGovernment Engineering College Idukki, 20-22 september 2013

  • Workshop on Short term course on “ Digital office using DDFS”Government Engineering College Idukki, 25-27 september 2013

  • Workshop on Training Programme on “ Robotics & Solar Energy Systems”Government Engineering College Idukki , 30Sept-01 October 2013

  • Workshop on Design aspects and soil exploration for high rise structuresGovernment Engineering College Thrissur , 30 September 2013

  • Workshop on Advanced MetrologyGovernment Engineering College  Thrissur , 10 September 2013

  • Workshop on   LatexGovernment Engineering College  Wayanad ,09- 10 September 2013

  • Workshop on Mobile securityGovernment Engineering College  Wayanad ,26-27 September 2013

  • Workshop on vedic MathematicsGovernment Engineering College  Wayanad ,04-06 September 2013

  • Seminar on Good Work Culture by Prof DevDas MenonLBS Poojappura ,07 September 2013

  • Seminar on Structural EngineeringLBS Poojappura ,08 September 2013

  • Seminar on Introduction to Cloud ComputingLBS Poojappura ,30 September 2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Web semantics & data mining,RIT Kottayam,24-29 September 2013

  • Seminar on Smart grid inter connecting issues through Fuzzy systems,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,28 September ,2013

  • Seminar on Industrial Electronics Products and Applications,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,05-07 September ,2013 

 2013 August

  • Workshop on Multimedia Using 3D MAX,  College of Engineering karunagapally,12-14 August 2014

  • Workshop on Power System  Analysis  and Load  Despatch,  College of Engineering karunagapally,02-03 August 2014

  • Workshop on Linux Administration and  Networking ,  College of Engineering karunagapally,29-31August 2014

  • Workshop on Study and Maintenance of  Modernized Eletronics  Lab,  College of Engineering karunagapally,12-17August 2013

  • Seminar on Counselling for ParentsCollege of Engineering, Thalassery,01,August,2013

  • Seminr on Mathematical & Computational Techniques in Engg ResearchGovernment Engineering College Kannur 19-24 August ,2013

  • Workshop on Recent & Future Trends in Light Wave Technologies : A Global ScenarioGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 01-02 August ,2013

  • Seminr on Present Challenges in Civil Engineering , Government Engineering College Barton Hill13 August ,2013

  • Seminr on Personality Development ProgrammeGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill13 August ,2013

  • Seminr on Self ReliancyGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 15  August ,2013

  • Workshop on PSPICEGovernment Engineering College Idukki 24-26 August ,2013

  • Seminr on Personality Development programme , Government Engineering College Idukki 28  August ,2013

  • Workshop on Research Methodology Methods and Techniques, Government Engineering College Thrissur 12-18 August ,2013

  • Workshop on Familiarization of Electrical & Electronics Equipments in LaboratoriesGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 26-29 August ,2013

  • Workshop on Image Processing and its application using Matlab and Open CVGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 02 Aug-09sept ,2013

  • Workshop on Antenna Design, LBS Poojappura,23-24 ,2013

  • Seminar on Cloud Computing , LBS Poojappura,13 August ,2013

  • Seminar on Emerging Membrane based destination Technologies ,School of Engineering CUSAT,14 August ,2013

  • Workshop on Energy Enviroment & Fuel Cell technology,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,29 August ,2013

  • Workshop on TELK Angamali,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,30-31 August ,2013

  • Seminar on Industrial Saftey ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,19 August ,2013

  • Workshop on Next Generation Communication Network ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,19 August ,2013

  • Workshop on Emerging Communication Teqchniques,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,30 August ,2013

  • Workshop on Workshop on KOHA,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,21-22 August ,2013 

  • Seminar on Engineering application of LABVIEW Software,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,27 August ,2013 

  • Seminar on Computational fluid dynamics and its applications,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,19-24 August ,2013

  • Seminar on Maintenance and repair of electronics equipments ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,23-26 August ,2013 

  • Seminar on Fuzzy Logic and Graph Theory ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,24 August ,2013 

  • Workshop on Basic skill in Computer ,TKM College of Engineering Kollam,23-26 August ,2013 


 2013 July

  • Workshop on Content Management  System using  JOOMLA,  College of Engineering karunagapally,17-19 July 2013

  • Workshop on Open Source Sofware for Library  ManagementCollege of Engineering, Thalassery 03-07 July,2013

  • Seminar on Outcome Based Accreditation, College of Engineering, Thalassery 24 July,2013

  • Workshop on Natural Resource Management Preservation of Water, College of Engineering, Thalassery 27-28,July,2013

  • Workshop on UML Tools,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,26-30,July,2013 

  • Workshop on arduino basics,  College of Engineering Adoor,27,July,2013  

  • Seminar on industrial relations & Development,  College of Engineering Adoor,18,July,2013

  • Seminr on Appropriate Energy Mix for India, Government Engineering College Kannur 11-12 July,2013

  • Seminr on Civil Engineering Beyond your Perception , Government Engineering College Barton Hill 30 July,2013

  • Seminr on Computer Organisation , Government Engineering College Barton Hill  23 July -18 August,2013

  • Workshop on Emerging Trend in Light and Wave Technology, Government Engineering College Barton Hill  05-16 July,2013

  • Workshop on Translational Science and Technology , Government Engineering College Barton Hill 02 July,2013

  • Workshop on NPTEL Awareness, Government Engineering College Barton Hill  25 July,2013

  • Symposium on Finishing School, Government Engineering College Barton Hill  01-19 July,2013

  • Workshop on Translational Science and Engineering , Government Engineering College Barton Hill 11 July,2013

  • Workshop on Translating Research to Practice, Government Engineering College Barton Hill 11 July,2013

  • Workshop on Short term Course on IBM Rational Rose , Government Engineering College Idukki  22-25 July,2013

  • Workshop on Course on Electrical CAD , Government Engineering College Idukki  01-06 July,2013

  • Workshop on Innovations in waste management , Government Engineering College Thrissur  22-26 July,2013

  • Workshop on Office Automation and Interpersonal Relationship, Government Engineering College Thrissur 31 July-02 august,2013

  • Workshop on m-learning, Government Engineering College Wayanad 02 July,2013

  • Workshop on network simulator, Government Engineering College Wayanad 20-27 July,2013

  • Seminar on FDP in Adavanced Telecon technologies, LBS Poojappura 08-12 July,2013

  • Seminar on Talk on " Introduction to software testing" , LBS Poojappura 19 July,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Earthquake resistant design & Structural Rehabilitation , RIT Kottayam, 01-05 July,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Data Processing using Spread Sheet , RIT Kottayam, 24-26  July,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Hands on practice on software development using .net , RIT Kottayam, 04-24  July,2013

  • Seminar on  Modern software tools ,School of Engineering CUSAT,29 July,2013

  • Seminar on Control system tool box , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 06 July,2013

  • Seminar  on Talk on concept of autonomy , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 15  July,2013

  • Workshop  on GIS applications in engineering , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 25-27 July,2013

  • Workshop  on Algorithm Design Techniques , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 11-12 July,2013

  • Workshop  on Know Your  Drinking Water , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 24 July,2013

  • Seminar  on Aircraft system development , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,04-05 July,2013

  • Workshop  on Two day workshop on Labview and multisim, TKM College of Engineering Kollam,26-27 July,2013

  • Seminar  on Network on Chip, TKM College of Engineering Kollam,24-25 July,2013 

  • Seminar on Control system tool box , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 06 July,2013

  • Seminar  on Talk on concept of autonomy , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 15  July,2013

  • Workshop  on GIS applications in engineering , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 25-27 July,2013

  • Workshop  on Algorithm Design Techniques , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 11-12 July,2013

  • Workshop  on Know Your  Drinking Water , TKM College of Engineering Kollam, 24 July,2013

  • Seminar  on Aircraft system development , TKM College of Engineering Kollam,04-05 July,2013

  • Workshop  on Two day workshop on Labview and multisim, TKM College of Engineering Kollam,26-27 July,2013

  • Seminar  on Network on Chip, TKM College of Engineering Kollam,24-25 July,2013

  • Workshop on Geographic Information System and applications in Civil Engineering, TKM College of Engineering Kollam,25-27 July,2013 



2013 June

  • Workshop on TI MSP430 MCUs & TI ASLKv2010, Government Engineering College Kannur 10-12 June ,2013

  • Seminr on Structural Vibration Control , Government Engineering College Kannur 10-15 June ,2013

  • Seminar on Recent Trends in Applied Science with Engineering Application, Government Engineering College Kozhikode, 27-29  June  2013

  • Workshop on Essentials Of Optimization Techniques in Engineering , Government Engineering College Thrissur10-14 June ,2013

  • Workshop on Recent advances in land surveying and testing of civil engineering materials , Government Engineering College Thrissur18-20 June ,2013

  • Workshop on Linux Server Administration Phase 1 , Government Engineering CollegeWayanad 24-28 June ,2013

  • Workshop on Short term Inhouse Training Programme on Interpersonal Relationship , Government Engineering CollegeWayanad 27-29 June ,2013

  • Workshop on IBM Rational Seed Program , LBS Poojappura 18-21 June ,2013

  • Seminar on Technical Writing , LBS Poojappura,20 June ,2013

  • Seminar on Research methodology , LBS Poojappura,24 June ,2013

  • Seminar on Reliable techniques for Steganalysis of Digital Images , LBS Poojappura,14 June ,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on System Administration & Shell Scripting in Linux , RIT Kottayam,17-21 June ,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Document Preparation using Latex, RIT Kottayam,24-28 June ,2013

  • Seminar on STTP on Rapid Prototyping, RIT Kottayam,06 June ,2013

  • Workshop on Imaging techniques,School of Engineering CUSAT,17 June,2013

  • Workshop on VLSI Design,TKM Kollam,18-22 June,2013

  • Workshop on Maintenance & Repair of Computer hardware ,TKM Kollam,26-28 June,2013

  • Workshop on Tools for Developing Soft skills ,TKM Kollam,25-29 June,2013

  • Seminar on Office procedure ,TKM Kollam,08 June,2013

2013 May

  • Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks-a  A Design Perspective ,  College of Engineering Cherthala,06-08May, 2013

  • Workshop on Digital Image Processing -Applications &  Advancements ,  College of Engineering Cherthala, 22-25May, 2013

  • Workshop on Hand on Experience in LINUX KERNAL and ANDROID Application Development Programming,  College of Engineering Cherthala, 27May-01june, 2013

  • Workshop on Database Management Systems, Government Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram  ,21-31 May,2013

  • Workshop on Matlab & Simulink and Latex for Engineers, Government Engineering College Thrissur  15-19 May,2013

  • Workshop on Tex Based Applications , Government Engineering College Thrissur 25-27 May,2013

2013 April

  • Workshop on Strategies for Effective Technical Communication,  Collegeof Engineering Thalassery ,25-26 April, 2013

  • Seminar on Power System Analysis, College of Engineering, Perumon  29April,2013 

  • Seminar on GIS,GPS and remote sensing , Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara,25-27 April 2013

  • Workshop on Java based Web application development using Core servlets-JSP , Government Engineering College Kannur,26-27 April 2013

  • Symposium  on Innovative Techniques and Practices in Building Technology ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,12  April,2013

  • Seminar  on Research Direstions in Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,01-04 April,2013

  • Workshop  on Organised performance audit of TEQIP activities ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,11-13 April,2013

  • Workshop  on MATLAB,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,23-24 April,2013

  • Workshop on Programming With DSP KITS ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,16 April,2013

  • Seminar  on Improving Communication Skill and General Employability ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,09 April-05 June,2013

  • Workshop  on PIC Programming ,Government Engineering College Idukki,07-08 April,2013

  • Workshop  on Embedded Java Application,Government Engineering College Idukki,20 April,2013

  • Workshop  on INNOVATION,Government Engineering CollegeWayanad,18-19 April,2013

  • Seminar on Software Testing,LBS Poojappura,29 April,2013



2013 March

  • Workshop on Recent Trends in Power Electronics ,College of Engineering, Thalassery  04 March ,2013

  • Workshop on Academic communication &Collaboration  tools ,College of Engineering, Thalassery 7-8 March ,2013

  • Workshop on Image Processing & Embedded System  College of Engineering, Thalassery 15-16  March 2013

  • Seminar on Brushless Alternato rs  and Power Transmission  , College of Engineering, Thalassery  16 March 2013

  • Workshop on TALLY ERP 9  College of Engineering, Thalassery ,21 March ,2013

  • Seminar on Preservation of Natural resource  , College of Engineering, Thalassery 23 March ,2013

  • Symposium on Recent Trends in  Power Eletronics, College of Engineering, Thalassery 04 March,2013

  • Seminar  on Special Functions and Its Application in Engineering ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,08 March2013

  • Seminar  on Power Electronics, Applications and Challenges ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,18 March2013

  • Seminar  on Advances in surveying and its Applications in Civi Engineering ,  College of Engineering Trikaripur,21-22 March 2013

  • Workshop on Hardware Assembling , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 01-02  March,2013

  • Workshop on Designing a Website, College of Engineering, Kidangoor  01-02  March,2013

  • Seminar on Transportation & Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering, Kidangoor 05-06   March,2013

  • Workshop on PSPICE, College of Engineering, Kidangoor 04-05  March,2013  

  • Seminar on Operating System , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 07  March,2013  

  • Seminar on Operating research, Mobile computing & Analysis & Design Algorithms, College of Engineering, Kidangoor 07  MArch,2013

  • Workshop on Recent Time Systems, Computer networks & Digital Signal Processing, College of Engineering, Kidangoor 15-16  MArch,2013  

  • Workshop on Advancements in Electrical Machines , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 16-17  March,2013  

  • Seminar on State space modelling & analysis , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 09  March,2013  

  • Workshop on Transducers-Principles & Applications , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 07-09  March,2013  

  • Seminar on Plate girders, College of Engineering, Kidangoor 02  March,2013  

  • Seminar on Introduction to power system in Kerala, College of Engineering Kidangoor 05  March,2013 

  • Seminar on Stability analysis of storage dams , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 09  March,2013  

  • Seminar on Bending of unsymmetric beams , College of Engineering, Kidangoor10  March,2013

  • Workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Digital Signal Processing, College of Engineering, Kidangoor 15-16  March,2013

  • Workshop on Design of spillways, College of Engineering, Kidangoor 17  March,2013

  • Seminar on Advancements in Electrical Machines , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 16  March,2013  

  • Workshop on HAM RADIO , College of Engineering, Adoor 04 March  ,201 3 

  • Workshop on Compiler construction , Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara,23 March 2013

  • Seminar on Power and energy systems, Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara,25-27March 2013

  • Symposium  on Web Development Hosting and Networking,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,18-23 March,2013

  • Symposium  on Numerical Simulaton Using MATLAB,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,21-26 March,2013

  • Symposium  on Opti System Simulation Tool for Photonics Engineers and Researchers,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,27 March,2013

  • Workshop on Remedial Classes to 1 st  Year Students  ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,09-12 March,2013

  • Workshop on Nano technology ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,18-23 March,2013

  • Seminar on A Course in English Communication ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,9-12 March,2013

  • Workshop on Safety standards,Government Engineering College Kozhikode,07 March,2013  

  • Seminar on Advances in Design Optimisation ,Government Engineering College Kozhikode,18-23 March,2013

  • Workshop on PCB Designing Rapid Prototype Machine,Government Engineering College Idukki,14-15 March,2013

  • Workshop on Ethical hacking and cyber forensics,Government Engineering College Idukki,15-16 March,2013

  • Workshop on Strategic Human Resource Management for Academic Institutions,Government Engineering College Idukki,05 March,2013

  • Workshop on Renewable Energy ,Government Engineering College Idukki,18-19 March,2013

  • Symposium on ACM Symposium on Applied Computing -SAC 2013 ,Government Engineering College Wayanad,18-22 March,2013

  • Seminar on Robotics ,LBS Poojappura,09 March,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Autocad for Electrical Engineers.,RIT Kottayam,11-15 March,2013

  • Seminar on Current Advances in RF and VLSI Engineering,”School of Engineering CUSAT,01-02 March,2013

2013 February

  • Expert talk by Dr. P Padmanabhan Nambiar  on  S etting of Question papers, College of Engineering, Thalassery, 01 February,  2013

  • Workshop on ROBOTICS, College of Engineering, Thalassery 14-15 February, 2013

  • Seminar on Paradigm Shifts in Environmental Awarenss,College of Engineering Thalassery 16 February ,2013

  • Seminar on Recent trends in Electromagnetic field theroy, College of Engineering, Perumon  26,February ,2013 

  • Workshop on  Building drawing using AutoCAD , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 25Feb-03March, 2013

  • Seminar on Introduction to Vastu Vidhya , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 07-08 February , 2013

  • Seminar on Recent Trends in Communication Engineering , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 18-22 February , 2013

  • Seminar on Control valves, PLC and SCADA , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 04-12 February , 2013

  • Seminar on Design of steel structures , College of Engineering, Kidangoor 23-24 February , 2013  

  • Workshop on CS Hardware Expo, College of Engineering, Adoor 12 February ,201 3 

  • Seminar on Thermal Analysis & Gun Barrel, College of Engineering, Adoor 11 February ,201 3

  • Seminar on EARTHQUAKE RESISTANT DESIGN-THE CHALLENGES , Government Engineering College Kannur,06-07 February,2013

  • Seminar on INTRODUCTION TO VASTU VIDYA , Government Engineering College Kannur,06-07 February,2013

  • Seminar on COST EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE IN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION , Government Engineering College Kannur,06-07 February,2013

  • Workshop on Autonomous Robotics Government Engineering College Barton Hill,23-24 February,2013

  • Workshop  on Right to Information Act,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,02 February,2013

  • Workshop  on NBA-SAR January 2013 Preparation ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,13-14 February,2013

  • Workshop  on Internet awareness,office automation & web security,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,18-23 February,2013

  • Symposium  on Android Mobile Application Development,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,27 Feb-23 March,2013

  • Seminar  on SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENT,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,16-18 February,2013

  • Seminar  on HIGGS BOSON AND ORIGIN OF UNIVERSE & FUTURE OF UNIVERSE,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,28 February,2013

  • Workshop on Android,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,25 Feb-02 March,2013

  • Seminar  on Electromagnetic Theory,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,07 February,2013  

  • Seminar  on Special Electrical Machines,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,07 February,2013 

  • Seminar  on Communication Skills ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,08 February,2013

  • Workshop  on Campusoft,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,13 February,2013

  • Workshop  on Robotics ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,23-24 February,2013

  • Workshop on Micro & nanoscale systems: Current trends in Nano technology,Government Engineering College Kozhikode,18-23 February,2013

  • Workshop on Expert lecture on computational fluid dynamics -an overview ,Government Engineering College Kozhikode,16-17 February,2013

  • Workshop on Free/Libre/Open Source Software  ,Government Engineering College Idukki,13 February,2013

  • Workshop on Office management and interpersonal relationship ,Government Engineering College Thrissur,02-03 February,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Communication Networks and Security 2013,Government Engineering College Wayanad,25 Feb-02 March,2013

  • Seminar on Robotics,LBS Poojappuira,09 February,2013


2013 January

  • Workshop on GNU/LINUX & LATEX, College of Engineering, Thalassery  18-19 January, 2013 

  • Seminar on Awareness for freshers, College of Engineering, Adoor 11 January ,201 3 

  • Seminar on Java Programming , College of Engineering, Adoor 14 January ,201 3

  • Symposium  on Recent Advances in Computing and Communication Technology,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,21-29 January,2013

  • Workshop  on EXPERT LEACURE SERIES ON RANDOM PROCESS, LINEAR ALGEBRA & ADVANCED DIGITAL COMMUNICATION,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,21-25 January,2013

  • Workshop on Training forresearch initiatives ,Government Engineering College Thrissur 31 January,2013

  • Seminar on Animation and Visual effects ,LBS Poojappura 03 January,2013

  • Seminar on Animation and Visual effects - Toonz Animations ,LBS Poojappura 03 January,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Geographic Information System ,RIT Kottayam 01-05 January,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Familiarization of advanced equipment & Simulation Tools ,RIT Kottayam 01-04 January,2013

  • Workshop on STTP on Recent Advances in Civil Engg. ,RIT Kottayam 21-25 January,2013

  • Seminar on Advanced Engineering materials and and their applications, School of Engineering CUSAT,21-25 January,2013




2012 December

  • Expert talk by K B M Nambbothiripad on  Research methodology, College of Engineering, Thalassery, 11, December , 2012

  • Symposium on RSEARCH METHODOLOGY, College of Engineering, Thalassery 11 December,2012

  • Seminar on Teaching methodologies, College of Engineering, Trikaripur, 12 December,2012

  • Workshop on Computer Networks, College of Engineering, Adoor 03 December ,2012

  • Seminar on Advances in Quantum Mechanics, Government Engineering College Kannur,  13-15December ,2012

  • Workshop  on RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,04-05 December ,2012

  • Workshop on DESIGN Methodology and Tools for VLSI and VI , Government Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram, 31 Dece-05January 2012

  • Workshop on Hands On Approach To DATABASE Systems, Government Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram, 10-15 December  2012

  • Workshop on STTP on Advanced Ideas on Computer System s & Network, RIT Kottayam, 10-14 December  2012

  • Workshop on STTP on Computer & Internet Literacy , RIT Kottayam, 12-14 December  2012

  • Workshop on STTP on Green Technology, RIT Kottayam, 10-15 December  2012

  • Seminar on Safety and Fire protection in Buildings and Industries, School of Engineering CUSAT,03-07 December  2012

2012 November

  • Workshop on MATLAB & SIMULINK, College of Engineering, Thalassery  23-24 November ,2012

  • Workshop on Industrial Automation, College of Engineering, Perumon 21-24 November ,2012

  • Workshop on OptoElectronics and Communication, College of Engineering, Perumon  15-17 November ,2012

  • Seminar on Bioinformatics, College of Engineering, Perumon  November ,2012 

  • Seminar on Cloud Computing, College of Engineering, Perumon November,2012

  • Seminar on Cyber Security Awareness , College of Engineering, Adoor 12 November ,2012

  • Workshop on Process of personel counselling, Government Engineering College Barton Hill, 05-06 November,2012

  • Symposium  on Recent advances in photonic technolgy, Government Engineering College Barton Hill, 26Nov-01 Dece,2012

  • Workshop  on PROCESS OF PERSONAL COUNSELLING ,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,05-06 November,2012

  • Seminar on INTRODUCTION TO LaTex,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,22 November,201 2

  • Workshop on Process of Personal Counselling,Government Engineering College Barton Hill,05-06 November ,2012

  • Workshop on Green strategy for Environmental effects,Government Engineering CollegeThrissur,28-30 November ,2012

  • Workshop on IIIC Workshop,Government Engineering College Thrissur,15 November ,2012

  • Seminar on National Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering , School of Engineering CUSAT,29 Nov-01 December  2012

 2012 October

  • Seminar on Linux Operating SystemCollege of Engineering Adoor 03 October ,2012

  • Workshop on Computer Hardware MaintenaceCollege of Engineering Adoor 05Oct-20 Nov ,2012

  • Workshop on ACUBOTZ,ROBOTIC WORKSHOPCollege of Engineering Adoor 06-10 October,2012

  • Workshop on  Counsellor Development Workshop ,Government Engineering College Thrissur,13-14 October ,2012

  • orkshop on  Scientific fundamentals of Engineering ,Government Engineering College Thrissur,04 October ,2012

 2012 September

  • Seminar on SCOPE &THEME OF INSTRUMENTATION Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 09 September ,2012  

  • Seminar on SOCIAL NETWORKING &WEB 2.0 DEVELOPMENTSCooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 12  September ,2012  

  • Seminar on CYBER CRIMES Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 13  September ,2012  

  • Seminar on SOFT SKILL DEVELOPMENTCooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 19 September 2012

  • Seminar on ANDROID TECHNOLOGYCooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara,12 September 2012

  • Seminar on ETHICAL HACKING & CYBER SECURITY Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara,25-26 September 2012

  • Workshop on VLSI FRONT END Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara,29 September 2012

  • Workshop on Effective Design ApproachGovernment Engineering College Kannur,26 September,2012

  • Workshop on SYSTEM DESIGN WITH SPGAGovernment Engineering College Wayanad,12-15 September,2012

  • Workshop on C PROGRAMMINGGovernment Engineering College Wayanad,27-28 September,2012

  • Symposium on Campus placement of Cape GeminiLBS Poojappura,17-19 September,2012

2012 August

  • Seminar on Cloud ComputingCollege of Engineering, Perumon  23 August ,2012 

  • Workshop on Professional ExcellenceGovernment Engineering College Kannur,11 August ,2012

  • Symposium on Recent Trends in VLSI and MEMSGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill,08-14 August ,2012

  • Workshop on Academic Autonomy,Government Engineering CollegeThrissur,21 August ,2012

  • Workshop on ENTREPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT,Government Engineering College Wayanad,01 August ,2012


2012 July

  • Workshop on Workshop for faculty membersGovernment Engineering College Kannur,07 July,2012

  • Workshop on III C Workshop ,Government Engineering CollegeThrissur,19 July ,2012

  • Symposium on INDUSTRIAL ISSUES AND ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS,Government Engineering CollegeWayanad,07 July ,2012

  • Seminar on Android. Net and WAP,LBS Poojappura,09 July ,2012



2012 June

  • Workshop on Engineering GraduatesGovernment Engineering College Barton Hill 12 June 2012

  • Seminar on Embedded SystemsLBS Poojappura 09 June 2012

2012 May 

  • Workshop on PLC/SCADA , Cooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara, 14-15 May ,2012


2012 April

  • Workshop on INNOVATION PRACTICES IN TEACHINGGovernment Engineering College Wayanad,18-19 April 2012

  • Seminar for IEEE StudentsLBS Poojappura,08 April 2012



2012 March

  • Workshop on PROTEUS SOFTWARE AND MICROCONTROLLER  PROGRAMMINGCollege of Engineering, Adoor 08 March ,2012 

  • Workshop on ELECTRICAL MACHINE DESIGNCooperative Institute of Technology Vadakara,  23 March ,2012

  • Workshop on Advances in Heat Pipe TechnologyGovernment Engineering College Kannur,24 March 2012

  • Seminar on INNOVATIVE WASTE MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUESGovernment Engineering College Wayanad,21 March 2012

  • Seminar on WEBSTER-one day hands on workshop on Content Management System which included how to design host and manage a webpage or the contents of the web. , RIT Kottayam,24 March 2012

2012 February

  • Workshop on CONCEPT TO REALITY Government Engineering College Wayanad 02 February ,2012

  • Seminar on Campus Placement of EricssonLBS Poojappura 10 February ,2012

  • Seminar on Basics of Mathematical programming approaches ,RIT Kottayam 04 February ,2012

  • Seminar on Optimization in an industrial scenario,RIT Kottayam 24 February ,2012


2012 January

  • Workshop on STTP for Scription for Engineering and Scientific ApplicationsGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram,16-21 January 2012

  • Workshop on INNOVATIONGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 18 January ,2012

  • Seminar on Aerospace Structures - Design & QualificationRIT Kottayanm 13 January ,2012

2011 November

  • Seminar on WikiMalayalamCollege of Engineering Adoor 15 November ,2011

  • Seminar on Open GLCollege of Engineering, Adoor 23 November ,2011

  • Seminar on Nature Inspired Algorithms for Engineering ApplicationsGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 10 November ,2011

2011 October

  • Workshop on INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTSGovernment Engineering College Wayanad24 October ,2011

2011 September

  • Workshop on SDST Fast Track Young Scientist projectSchool of Engineering CUSAT,17-18 September,2011 

2011 August

  • Workshop on EMBEDDED SYSTEMSGovernment Engineering College Wayanad 17-21, August ,2011

  • Seminar on Harnessing Green Power From Sun - A Boon For A Cleaner Earth And A Sustainable Planet RIT kottayam, 26 August ,2011

  • Seminar on Microchip Certified Training in PIC microcontrollerRIT kottayam, 27 August ,2011

2011 June

  • Seminar on System Level Modelling, Design and Analysis School of Engineering CUSAT,03-17 June,2011 

2011 March

  • Workshop on SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC AND SOLAR THERMAL SYSTEMSGovernment Engineering College Thrissur 16-17 March ,2011

  • Workshop on power quality issues , Government Engineering College Thrissur,02-03 March  2011

  • Workshop on safety aspects in engineering need & practices , School of Engineering CUSAT,28 Mar-08 April  2011

2011 February

  • Seminar on National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Technology (NET - 2011) ,Government Engineering College Kannur,25-26 February 2011

  • Symposium on Conceiving Engineering ProjectsGovernment Engineering College Wayanad,03-05 February 2011


  • Seminar on National Seminar on Frontier Technologies in RF Engineering,School of Engineering CUSAT,04-05 March 2011 

2011 January

  • Workshop on STTP on Open Source Framework forAdvanced Technology DevelopmentGovernment Engineering College Sreekrishnapuram,17-22 January 2011

2010 November

  • Workshop on Industrial motivation campaignGovernment Engineering College Thrissur,02 November 2010

  • Workshop on Govt. of India FINANCIAL schemesGovernment Engineering College Thrissur,03 November 2010

  • Workshop on GCE-Pedagogic Strategies for Effective Engineering EducationRIT Kottayam,22-27 November 2010

  • Workshop on EC-STTP on NantechnologyRIT Kottayam,08-13 November 2010

  • Seminar on Pedagogic Strategies for effective Engineering EducationRIT Kottayam,22-27 November 2010

2010 October

  • Seminar on Modelling and Optimization Techniques in EngineeringGovernment Engineering College Thrissur,30sept-02November 2010

2010 September

  • Workshop on Time frequency analysisSchool of Engineering  CUSAT,08-30 October,2010

2010 August

  • Seminar on Faculty Development Programme on Teaching – Learning MethodologiesSchool of Engineering  CUSAT,06-07 August,2010

2010 February


  • Seminar on STTP ON PARADIGN FOR HIGHER EDUCATIONSchool of Engineering  CUSAT,15-20 February,2010

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