Board of Governors (BoG):



  • Each Institution will necessarily have its own BoG, (please see eligibility conditions) as per UGC Guidelines and Composition or as per the NIT Act 2007, as the case may be, either appointed by the sponsoring Government or by itself through due procedure (see Annex‐ II), and

  • The BoG will, in all cases, be headed by an eminent Industrialist/Engineering Education expert with adequate representation from other stakeholders.

The BoG will meet at least quarterly or as often as required and the minutes of BoG meetings will be published on Institution’s website as promptly as possible. It will perform the following functions in the context of this Project.


  • Take all policy decisions with regard to smooth, cost effective and timely implementation of the Institutional project,

  • Form, supervise and guide various Committees required for project implementation and internal project monitoring,

  • Ensure overall faculty development,

  • Enable implementation of all academic and non‐academic Institutional reforms,

  • Ensure proper utilization of Project fund and timely submission of Financial Management Reports (FMRs) and Utilization Certificates,

  • Ensure compliance with the agreed procedures for procurement of Goods, Works and Services and Financial Management,

  • Ensure compliance with other fiduciary requirements under the Project such as Equity Assurance Plan (EAP), Environment Management Framework (EMF) and Disclosure Management Framework (DMF),

  • Monitor progress in the carrying out of all the proposed activities, resolve bottlenecks, and enable the Institution to achieve targets for all key indicators,

  • Timely initiation and completion of external and internal audits; and

  • Satisfactory compliance / resolution of external and internal auditors observations.