National Project Directorate ( NPD)

The National Project Directorate will be located within the Department of Higher Education in the MHRD and will be headed by a National Project Director (NPD). The National Project Director (NPD) will be nominated by the MHRD in the rank of a Special Secretary/Additional Secretary/Joint Secretary to the Government of India. The NPD will be assisted by:

National Project Directorate within the MHRD, and National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU) headed by a Central Project Advisor (CPA).

The National Project Directorate will be headed by the NPD and assisted by a Director in the Department of Higher Education, MHRD dealing with the Project with adequate infrastructure, key and support staff including a Finance Specialist, a Project Management Specialist etc. It will be responsible for:

Facilitating holding of six‐monthly Joint Review Missions (JRMs), Mid‐Term Review Mission, Implementation Support Missions and such other reviews as may be called for, and

Facilitating smooth and efficient working of the NPIU and ensuring adequate staffing of the NPIU with appropriate expertise at all times during the Project Life

Constituting a National Steering Committee and organizing its meetings,

Constituting separate National Evaluation Committees (with well‐defined Terms of Reference) for selection of States and Institutions under Sub‐components 1.1, 1.2 and 1.2.1 and also proposals for Innovation Fund,

Overall Project fund management including Central fund releases, monitoring matching fund releases by the States and UTs, and monitoring overall utilization of Project funds,

Ensuring timely release of funds to States, UTs and CFIs and other recipients as per approved annual allocations,

Coordinating with project States and UTs, concerned Ministries/Departments of GoI and the World Bank,

Overseeing Project implementation at the National and State levels,

Periodic review of the project.

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