National Evaluation Committees (NECs):


The National Project Directorate will constitute a National Evaluation Committee (NEC) consisting of academicians from India for the selection of States and UTs, and selection of Institutions from the selected States and CFIs.

NPD will approve a panel of about 80‐100 experts to serve on the National Evaluation Committee. Specific Evaluation Committees will also be formed by the NPD from the approved panel for selection of States; selection of Institutions under Sub‐component 1.1, Sub‐ component 1.2 and Sub‐component 1.2.1 and for selection of proposals for grants under the Innovation Fund. The committee for selection of Institutions for establishing Centres of Excellence will be composed of subject experts only.


The National Evaluation Committees (NECs) will meet on need basis after receipt of Eligibility and Development Proposals of Institutions and proposals for grants under Innovation Fund. It will be assisted in its functioning by the National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU).


The National Evaluation Committees will carry out the following functions:

Evaluation of proposals for selection of States,

Evaluation of Eligibility and Institutional Development Proposals based on State’s recommendations under Sub‐component 1.1 and evaluation of Institutional Development Proposals under Sub‐component 1.2,

Evaluation of proposals for selection of Centrally Funded Institutions (CFIs) under Sub‐ component 1.1 and Sub‐component 1.2, and

Evaluation of proposals from institutions for establishing Centres of Excellence under Sub‐component 1.2.1 and Evaluation of proposals for Innovation Fund.

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